birthplace: ten poets from guangdong

edited by Zhang Xiaohong

Eight of the ten poets anthologized in this book are Cantonese by birth; the other two have settled in Guangdong and long made it their home. Poetry afloat from page to page in this collection is simple, plain, spontaneous, and perceptive. Against the backdrop of the metro station, glamorous billboards, and streets, readers can hear “cicadas chirping in April,” see “the oak grove / maintaining a modest height,” touch “blossoms of fame in Heaven / pierce the skin of my memory,” smell “the homeland mangrove orchard of September,” taste “apples like the muses,” and sense “that ten thousand years of solitude is ten thousand years of solitude.” All these sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and senses converge into songs of innocence and experience about one common birthplace – Guangdong.

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cover photo by Liang Bingsheng

isbn 9780981989860

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