Black Pearl: poems of love, sex and regret

Albert DeGenova

In this daring book of poems, Albert DeGenova takes us on a personal journey through the physical, sensual world, viewed through the lens of desire. His poems, always unfolding in the present moment, vividly describe interactions that range from loving and intimate to misdirected and even destructive. While this is a world in which intimacy and connection can be approached but never fully realized, DeGenova delivers a completely satisfying piece of work. Like the relationship described in the poem “Intimacy Cocktail,” Black Pearl is a “well-blended cocktail of sweat and sex and tears and foibles served over ice.” -Mike Puican, poet and Board President/Guild Literary Complex

Black Pearl is one of those rare books of poetry that you experience with your whole body, intimate and exhilarating as the music of skin on skin, lips against lips, “fingers/that touch oooh right there.” It’s also heart-wrenching, like a punch in the chest, as this miniature novel in verse spirals down a harrowing journey from happily-ever-after married love to a disastrous extramarital fling and “divorce’s rough-cut hole.” But saxophonist/poet DeGenova refuses to end his tale on a downbeat, opting instead for a bluesy coda of tentative redemption with Mexican jazz, disco and surf music pulsing in the mix. This book is an unforgettable performance that, like your favorite Billie Holiday song, “breathes full and long/and feels, feels, feels.” -Pamela Miller, author of Miss Unthinkable

review by Jennifer Finstrom in Eclectica

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