books by author

Association of Stories in Macao, Poem on a Plane Tree’s Leaf (2011)

Sandra Becker, At the Well of Flowers (2011)
Rosebud Ben-Oni, Solecism (2013)
Joe Benevento, Expecting Songbirds (2015)
Alan Birkelbach, Meridienne Verte (2015)
Paul Bowers, The Lone, Cautious, Animal Life (2016)
Daniel Bowman, Jr., A Plum Tree in Leatherstocking Country (2012)
David Breeden, This is Just to Say (2009)
David Breeden, They’ve Played for Timelessness (with Chips of When) (2012)
Stella Brice, Urged (or How Sex & Death Lift Up My Granny) (2015)

Inara Cedrins, Fugitive Connections (2006)
Jerry Craven, Becoming Others (2010)
Sherry Craven, Standing at the Window (2010)
Barbara Crooker, Small Rain (2014)

Chip Dameron, China Sketchbook (2016)
Nitoo Das, Boki (2008)
Albert DeGenova, Black Pearl: poems of love, sex and regret (2016)
Albert DeGenova, The Blueing Hours (2008)

Paul Friedrich, From Root to Flower (2006)
Paul Friedrich, a goldfinch instant: Concord to India Haikus (2010)
Paul Friedrich, Harmony in Babel (2007)
Paul Friedrich, Wild Symmetries (2013)

Patricia Goodrich, How The Moose Got To Be (2012)
Patricia Goodrich, Red Mud (2009)
Patricia Goodrich, Verda’s House (2010)
Patricia Goodrich, Woman With A Wandering Eye (2014)

Ken Hada, Bring an Extry Mule (2017)
Ken Hada, Persimmon Sunday (2015)
Carol Hamilton, Such Deaths (2014)
Chera Hammons, The Traveler’s Guide to Bomb City (2017)

Laurynas Katkus, Bootleg Copy (2011)
Christopher Kelen, After Meng Jiao (2008)
Christopher Kelen, Eight Days in Lhasa (2006)
Christopher Kelen, In Conversation with the River (2010)
Christopher Kelen and Agnes Vong, Spring Wind Brings the Fireworks (2007)
Kerry Shawn Keys, Broken Circle (2005)

Li Nan, Small (2007)
Li Sen, Chinese Windmill (2007)
Lorraine Henrie Lins, All the Stars Blown to One Side of the Sky (2014)

Mary McGinnis, See With Your Whole Body (2016)
Katia Mitova, Dream Diary (2013)

Kornelijus Platelis and Jonas Zdanys, Two Voices / Du Balsai (2017)
Donna Pucciani, Chasing the Saints (2008)
Donna Pucciani, A Light Dusting of Breath (2015)
Donna Pucciani, Hanging Like Hope on the Equinox (2013)
Donna Pucciani, To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn (2011)
Donna Pucciani, Edges (2016)

Elizabeth Raby, Beneath Green Rain (2015)
Elizabeth Raby, Ink on Snow (2010)
Elizabeth Raby, A Matter of Time (2016)
Elizabeth Raby, The Year the Pears Bloomed Twice (2009)
Elizabeth Raby, This Woman (2012)
Matthias Regan, Gapers’ Delay (2014)
Deborah Nodler Rosen, Sight/Seer (2013)
Aaron Rudolph, The Sombrero Galaxy (2017)

Steven Schroeder, Fallen Prose (2006)
Steven Schroeder, The Imperfection of the Eye (2007)
Steven Schroeder, Turn (2012)
Jamie Stern, Chasing Steam (2013)
Wally Swist, Velocity (2013)
Wally Swist, Winding Paths Worn Through Grass (2012)

Larry D. Thomas, A Murder of Crows (2011)
Larry D. Thomas, Uncle Ernest (2013)

Judith Valente, Discovering Moons (2009)
Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody, In This Glad Hour (2014)
Virtual Artists Collective, on the no road way to tomorrow (2009)
Virtual Artists Collective, Two Southwests (2008)
Virtual Artists Collective/ASM, Pluck a Lotus for Pleasure (2008)

Sarah Webb, Black (2013)
Arisa White, Hurrah’s Nest (2012)
Scott Wiggerman, Leaf and Beak: Sonnets (2015)

Jonas Zdanys, The Kingfisher’s Reign (2012)
Jonas Zdanys, St. Brigid’s Well (2017)
Jonas Zdanys, Salt (2007)
Jonas Zdanys, The Thin Light of Winter (2009)
Agnė Žagrakalytė, Artistic Cloning (2010)
Zhang Xiaohong (Editor), Birthplace: Ten Poets from Guangdong (2010)