chinese windmill

Li Sen 李森

A member of the group of Chinese poets known as “They,” Li Sen is well-known in China. Chinese Windmill is a collection of thirty-three of his recent poems, presented in Chinese with facing English translations. Li’s poems are profoundly influenced by American poetry, and he owes much of his inspiration to the poetics of Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, and William Carlos Williams. In his poetry, he undertakes to build a balance between metaphysics and deconstruction. His poems start with things and lead poetically to metaphysical questioning; at the same time, they deconstruct culture, knowledge, and language. In the context of such poetics, his poems pay attention to the existence of contemporary Chinese people, casting an intellectually critical eye on contemporary life. His poems reject degradation through criticism and salvation, and look for traces of life in the process of construction and deconstruction. These impressive lines bespeak the anguish shouldered by an intellectual and serve as contemporary lyrics that seek new life in suffering.

李森是中国当下著名诗人,《他们》诗派成员。李森的诗集《中国风车》精选了近年来创作的作品33首,其中《中国风车》等诗是当下中国诗坛的名作。李森的诗深受美国诗歌的影响,瓦尔特·惠特曼(Walt Whitman)、华莱士·史蒂文斯(Wallace Stevens)、罗伯特·弗罗斯特(Robert Frost)、威廉·卡洛斯·威廉斯(William Carlos Williams)等人的诗学,是其创作源泉之一。李森的诗歌力求在玄学诗与解构主义之间建立一种平衡关系,其诗既有从事物出发,将诗性导向玄学的形而上追问特质,也有对文化、知识、语言积淀的形而下解构。在此诗学背景下,其诗关注当代中国人的生存状况,显露出一种知识分子的批判精神。在批判与拯救中抗拒沉沦;在建构与解构中寻找生机。也就是说,李森的那些刻骨铭心的诗歌,既表达了一个知识分子的痛苦担当,也是在痛苦中寻求新生的当代歌谣。

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