how the moose got to be

Patricia Goodrich

How The Moose Got To Be stretches, long-legged like the moose itself, from sonnet sequence to pulsing prose poems, from lyric to narrative to leaping stream of consciousness. Whether the poems are ekphrastic responses to the poet’s own art or sidelong glances at contemporary society, the play of language reigns supreme—supreme as the rack that crowns the moose’s head—all the while recognizing the heart’s center of gravity. It is that combination of head and heart that moves this collection and the reader. The world is a serious place, the political is personal, and this poet does not forget: Ah, let the gypsy sing!/ Let it not be for nothing/ my grandma held me on her lap/ and read tea leaves to me.

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cover art by Patricia Goodrich

isbn 9780983009184

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