Anna Tynsky

In high school, Anna Tynsky wrote her first poem. It was about the sound and feel of a perfectly executed jump shot. She was born in Bethesda Maryland, grew up in Wyoming, Wisconsin; and currently lives in Oklahoma. She has worked in various fields from teaching dance to data entry. She is interested in combining disciplines, such as visual image with written word, each equally strong. What does the poet see as she or he writes? Do words inspire images or do images urge for expression in words? It becomes a very fine line as each begins to inspire the other. Most importantly, though, is the hope that the viewer will consider the work from two perspectives and be pleasantly tossed between image and words.

Fuerte” and “Tangents” | all roads will lead you home | 3

By the Big Lake,” “Cornflower Blue Day,” and “desert painter” | all roads will lead you home | 2

poetry, music, visual art