Clarence Wolfshohl

Clarence Wolfshohl has been active in the small press as writer and publisher for nearly fifty years. He has published poetry and non-fiction in many journals, both print and online. Recent chapbooks of poetry include Season of Mangos, poems about Brazil (Adastra Press, 2009); In Harm’s Way: Poems of Childhood in collaboration with Mark Vinz (El Grito del Lobo Press, 2013); Chupacabra (El Grito del Lobo, 2014), Three-Corner Catch: Book Talk with Walter Bargen (El Grito del Lobo, 2015). His Equus Essence was published online by Right Hand Pointing (2014). And most recently, the e-chapbook Scattering Ashes was published by Virtual Artists Collective. Wolfshohl lives in the suburbs of Toledo, Missouri, with his dog and cat.

The Witness,” “The Taste of Tomato,” and “Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks” | all roads will lead you home | 3

The Fruit of Innocence” and “No Escape” | all roads will lead you home | 1

poetry, music, visual art