contents | 2017

Ahmad Almallah: “Abandon
Kimo Armitage: “Tahiti Vacation
Paul Bowers: “An Oklahoma Weather Poem that Makes No Mention of Tornadoes” and “Boiled Eggs
Tracy Chait: “Lambing Season
William Doreski: “Author, Author!
Carol Hamilton: “Evolution is Sometimes Swift,” “The Plan to Eliminate Dirty Animals,” and “Reward for the Traveler
Michael Hettich: “The Party“, “The Scar,” and “This Yearning
Clark Holtzman: “My Motion” and “My Payment
Dane Karnick: “Dairy Goats,” “To Route 66,” and “The Undoing
Scott Laudati: “Night Before Thanksgiving” and “The Heart of America
Sandra McChesney: “The Space Where My Father Sat
Rajnish Mishra: “What do I call it if not beauty?” and “My city rises from within
Martina Reisz Newberry: “Aunt & Grapes” and “Verdigris
Janice Northerns: “The Creative Writing Teacher Explains Love,” “Grandfather of the Bottomland,” and “Real Estate Values
Bethany Reid: “Insomnia,” “On the Earth of My Childhood,” and “Her Life in Flashback
Ron Riekki: “The Rejection of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Terry Savoie: “Speaking of Weather,” “In Pursuit of the North American Sunset,” and “Red Raincoat. Running Mascara. Red Light (1967)
Larry D. Thomas: “Ex-Nuns, Crabbing
Xin Lei: “autumn” and “inspiration,” translated by Liang Huichun and Steven Schroeder
Jonas Zdanys: from Three White Horses

Helen Geld: “touch and go” and “tulip time
Haylee Massaro: “The Last Fishing Village

Ken Hada: “‘Fear is Like a Handful of Dust’: a review of Sly Alley’s Strong Medicine” and a review of Mestizos Come Home!: Making and Claiming Mexican American Identity

poetry, music, visual art