contents | september 2014

Zoë Bird, “About Maps
Kevin Brown, “Jack’s Co-Worker in the Corner Cubicle Brought Her Worries to Work
Sherry Craven, “My Cat Died Today
Anannya Dasgupta, “How We Live” and “Without You
Albert DeGenova, “Black Pearl
Frank Dullaghan, “Headland
Patricia Goodrich, “Henna
Carol Hamilton, “Hillside” and “How I Knit Together This and That
Joanna Kurowska, “The Creed
Brady Peterson, “The Bell
Elizabeth Raby, “At the Artist’s Colony,” “I Didn’t Know My Father Well,” and “Tell Me
Deborah Nodler Rosen, “Midnight in My Kitchen
Wally Swist, “Shades of Green
Larry D. Thomas, “The Draft
Arisa White, “Black lace panties
Clarence Wolfshohl, “The Fruit of Innocence” and “No Escape
Jonas Zdanys, from “The Homilies of Prester John”

Syrlane Albuquerque, “Ode to Feelings,” performed by pianist Young Kwon Llerena
Clarice Assad, “The Last Song” (Arranged by Ondrej Vesely), performed by guitarist David Russell
Mindaugas Briedis, “Pienas

Shahin Aldhahir, “Early Marketing
Tarcsay Béla, “Musztáng” and “Musztáng II
Garth Woods, “Clarice,” “Dive,” and “Najwa
Anita Zotkina, “Red Daisies

Ken Hada, The Good Honest Ache: A Tribute to Norbert Krapf’s Bloodroot: Indiana
Katia Mitova and Regina Schroeder, Mark Strand: a collage for his 80th birthday
Benjamin Myers, Review of The Water Leveling With Us, by Donald Levering

poetry, music, visual art