poetry | 3

John Biscello, with music by Ben Wright: “The Horse’s Mouth
Carl Boon: “Narrative
Janelle Rainer Cordero: “In A City With A Meth Problem” and “For A Friend
Maril Crabtree: “A Blessing of Wet Earth” and “In the Dark
Emily Fox: “Mutter
Angela Galik: “As Long As
Tate A. Geborkoff: “Agonium Martiale, or War in Five Parts
Gerard Grealish: “Squeak
John Grey: “Neighborhood Improvements” and “Child, That Cannibal Cult
Carol Hamilton: “On Time” and “Built on Naked Faith
Danielle Hanson: “Astronomy,” “Saying Goodbye to the Slugs” and “Bluegrass Barn, Saturday Night
Penny Harter: “Into the Lake” and “Undone
Mila Hose: “Sense
Ann Howells: “In a Conquered Country,” “Sandy Point,” and “Some wit has written WASH ME
M. A. Istvan: “My Mother’s Change” and “The Heart and What It Wants
Jacqueline Jules: “Two Elderly Aunts
Clyde Kessler: “Hildy Dencottle,” “Betty Eldon,” and “Arnie Folber
Joanna Kurowska: “Gravity & Something Else
Jennifer Lothrigel: “Morning Walk in Fishnets” and “Signs from the Universe
Brittney Menefee: “The Spaces Between Skyscrapers” and “The Topiary Park
Kelly A. Moore: “Kinship
Simon Perchik: “It knows nothing…
Brady Peterson: “Still, The Urge
Stephanie V. Sears: “At the Museum” and “Secret Warfare
Wally Swist: “Deer, in Three Movements,” “The Chakras as Flower Essences,” and “The Wood
Larry D. Thomas: “Until He Saw Their Mother
Meg Thompson: “Grapes” and “I Grew Up
Robert Blake Truscott: “Conflagration,” “Lynching,” and “Dear Miriam,
Anna Tynsky: “Fuerte” and “Tangents
Clarence Wolfshohl: “The Witness,” “The Taste of Tomato,” and “Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks

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