Deborah Nodler Rosen


The happenstance of the journey reveals the truths that Deborah Nodler Rosen captures in sight/seer. Whether at the bottom of a mine in Australia or swimming in the Amazon, the joy is always in the unplanned experience and what it teaches. Meeting a ‘bogey’ man in Indonesia or praying in a Buddhist monastery, she finds beauty and compassion hidden in the interstices of the world. Despite the clichéd warning, she talks to strangers and even discovers cousins in the Ukraine. As Marvin Kalb, senior Advisor to the Pulitzer Center writes, “Deborah Rosen – ‘both sight and sightseer’ as she put it, wandering the globe, spinning tales in poetry so gorgeously tender, filled with poignant insights, you want the journey never to end. Rosen proves one word, properly chosen, one phrase beautifully constructed can light up the world.”

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cover photo, “Longsheng Terraced Fields,” by Stephen C. W. Oung

thanks to the photographer for permission to use his work!

cover design by Regina Schroeder

isbn 9780944048559

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