editorial process

(a note from the publisher)

Purple Flag is an invitation only series published by virtual artists collective. Strawberry hedgehog is a virtual artists collective imprint that publishes full length collections selected from unsolicited manuscripts submitted using our online submission manager. We invite poets whose work we know and admire, but we are open to surprises. We welcome submissions for both series via our submission manager. (Reading our journal and submitting work there is an excellent way to introduce yourself before submitting a query.)

Reading fees are used to pay setup and production costs (including fair compensation for the work of designers and artists) for books in the series.

We are a small press, and both series are highly selective, so we publish only a small percentage of manuscripts that are submitted.

Once accepted, books are digitally printed. The retail price is $15 (for books in the 80-100 page range), and author copies are 50%. Files stay at the printer and additional copies can be printed — on demand — at any time. Authors sell books at readings and online, and we maintain a catalog on our site. We encourage visitors to buy directly from authors or from independent booksellers. We don’t pay royalties – but authors make 50%/book if they sell at the cover price (which, in my experience as an author, is a better deal).

New books are available through Ingram’s digital catalog, and bookstores can purchase them at wholesale prices. We include links to powells and indiebound on our site, and we link to the author’s homepage if s/he has one. Online sales generate a small amount for virtual artists collective, and that is used to cover costs associated with maintaining our website and keeping the books in print. We keep books in full distribution for at least five years. Older books remain in print, and authors may purchase them from us at a 50% discount and distribute them as they see fit. These books remain in our catalog, which directs visitors who wish to purchase them to authors.

We are grateful for your interest and for your work as readers and writers of poetry. We invite you to explore our website, submit your work for our online journal, purchase books from our authors, and spread the word.

Steven Schroeder