The Sombrero Galaxy

Aaron Rudolph

Aaron Rudolph’s The Sombrero Galaxy is a book about honor: honor of family, honor of place, honor of food, honor of friendship, and the honor of work. These poems honor myriad cultural traditions with the gift of vigorous chiseled language plucked from stars as proof that sombreros are not for decoration. From the word “sombra” meaning shade, a sombrero is protection from the scalding sun, a protection that renders our world just dark enough to see ghosts, even in daylight. Aaron Rudolph’s The Sombrero Galaxy honors the ghosts we crave to remember. -Gary Moody, author of Hazards of Grace (2013) and Occoquan (2015), Red Mountain Press, Santa Fe.

Aaron Rudolph’s latest volume, The Sombrero Galaxy, levels surprising contrasts into how we are and are not part of nature, through both humorous and humanistic embodiment, as if there were no borders between people and the natural world (…wind slaps against weeds… like hope). His astute self-observation reaches into details few would bother with, but which enhance the fullness of these perfectly crafted short poems. Without telling his reader what to think, Mr. Rudolph allows us, often through contrasting concepts, to understand his deep and gentle sensibility. -Debbi Brody, author of Portraits in Poetry (2006) and In Everything Birds (2015), Village Books Press, Oklahoma City.

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