winding paths worn through grass

Wally Swist

Winding Paths Worn Through Grass offers a meditative experience but also invites the reader to step off the page and walk a summer meadow or stand beside a running mountain brook in winter. This is graceful, elegant poetry, controlled, engaging, marked by lyric simplicity, filled with wisdom and gentleness of vision. Swist pays homage to his roots in Eastern spirituality by his tribute to the Katha Upanishad in the book’s initial poem, and he includes a sequence of free-verse tanka written after attending a performance of the Japanese percussion ensemble Kodo. Often honoring European poets such as Attila Jozsef or Giuseppe Ungaretti, or American poets such as Bert Meyers and Robert Francis, these lyric poems focus on the evocation of precise images rooted in the natural world, through which the reader, stopping to listen here, now, may be transported by something as simple and concrete as the wind snapping a branch of white pine into a realm of spiritual transcendence, “going further, further.”

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