All Roads Will Lead You Home is a way to broaden our circle and reaffirm the commitment to community and collaboration with which we began as a collective that includes musicians, poets, and visual artists. We see it as a space for poetry, music, and visual art as well as reflection on and conversation about the creative process in and among all three — building on our work over the past ten years but also open to surprises as we move in new directions. We now add submissions as they are accepted, so you can watch the new issue grow by following the “contents | 2017” link in the sidebar (or at the bottom on your mobile device).

Visit our online submission manager for guidelines.

Editorial Committee
Clarice Assad | Alan Berecka | David Breeden | Ken Hada | Charlie Newman | Aaron Rudolph | Steven Schroeder | Chris Song Zijiang | Sarah Webb | Jonas Zdanys


poetry, music, visual art