Robert Blake Truscott

Robert Blake Truscott has had work recently appear in several journals including Ascent Aspirations, Silenced Press, SNR Review, and Meta4. Over the last three decades his work has appeared in over 45 print journals in 20 states, including The Virginia Quarterly Review, Nimrod, The Mississippi Review, Sou’wester, The Greenfield Review, The California Quarterly, and The Literary Review, among many others. Anthologies with his work include In The West of Ireland and The Hampden-Sydney Review Anthology, among others. Mr. Truscott was the poetry editor for more than a decade with Stone Country before that journal ceased publication. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars.

Conflagration,” “Lynching,” and “Dear Miriam,” | all roads will lead you home | 3

poetry, music, visual art